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An Afternoon with GUESS model

and actress Kelly Pantaleoni – Cannes Film Festival 2014

Kelly-Pantaleoni-in-J-Squad-blue-dress-2(Kelly is a wearing a gorgeous turquoise Jsquad dress by Manish Vaid)

Already counting my fifth day in Cannes. The days passed here like a whirlwind. I have been up and running to so many different venues, walking to blisters on my feet but thinking back, every minute of it was well spent. On my last day in Cannes, I was able to enjoy a bit of the sun by walking along the beach and lunching with Kelly Pantaleoni at the restaurant Le Petit Paris.

I was introduced to Kelly Pantaleoni by Gene Chang who was there at Cannes Film Festival to representThe L.A Fashion magazine and to do the publicity of Kelly Pantaleoni as an entertainment lawyer. Kelly Pantaleoni came to Cannes this year because she is playing the lead female character in “Artful Gambit” by Sigurd Culhane, which had its world premier at the short film corner in Cannes Film Festival 2014.

Other than acting in movies, music videos and commercials, Kelly Pantaleoni has been working for GUESS jeans the past 4 years as a spokesmodel and was selected as a ‘It-Girl’ model search finalist for Bebe. Besides these major fashion houses she represents, Kelly came all geared with dresses and beautiful gowns to wear on the Red Carpet representing different fashion designers from L.A. It was no surprise to me that she was in Cannes for the Film Festival. Gene was praising her professionalism at her age. And you could tell that she was fast and smart, fully understanding the industry she is working in by getting herself invited to exclusive parties at the Cannes Film Festival. Most of all, she seems to have the talent to succeed both as an actor and model with her looks and her unique personality she brings along growing up in Australia. I am sure we will hear more of Kelly Pantaleoni and see her playing a major Hollywood movie in the future.


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