Cannes Film Fest 2014 Spotlight

Exclusive Interview With Rising Starlet Kelly Pantaleoni


There is no question, Aussie actresses are revered passionately and Kelly Pantaleoni herself is in line for long-term adulation. She is the leading lady in “Artful Gambit” which screens as part of the Festival Corner At Cannes. Kelly is set to beguile the senses as Catherine, a femme fatale who is complex and quite the manipulator in this tale of revenge. Hailing from a little country town called Deniliquin in New South Wales Australia, Kelly is charming the French Riveira as we speak and could well be a global addiction.

Here is the interview with the ravishing Kelly Pantaleoni:

1. Hi Kelly. Your feature “Artful Gambit” is screening at Cannes this year. Will you be there and what are you most looking forward to?

Yes I will be there for the whole festival, and I am most looking forward to sharing my film with industry people and watching other great films

2. Can you give us a tease of your role in “Artful Gambit”?

I am a woman that seeks revenge on a cheating husband in the worst way possible, you think I may have gone crazy but it’s all part of a larger plot that I had been planning out for months.


3. You made the move to LA from Australia. How has been the experience living in such a glitzy place?

It’s very different to growing up on a farm, that’s for sure. Having access to nice clothing stores, the beach, movie theaters and museums is a luxury we never had in my hometown. I’m very grateful for where I grew up, but we didn’t have all of that stuff. It makes me appreciate it now

4. With so many successful Aussies in entertainment, why do you think Hollywood and the world are increasingly attracted to Australian entertainers?

We travel so far and sacrifice so much to make it in Hollywood, that it becomes more of a “I have to be a success” rather then “I hope to be a success”. It takes a certain person to start a new life in a foreign country, and I think that hard working attitude and professionalism when it comes to taking our careers seriously is something that attracts and intrigues people to us. We work hard, but also enjoy life and don’t lose focus of what truly matters.

5. Tell us any interesting and/or funny incident on set that you can remember.

Well when I arrived on set the first day, I was in the mind set of Catherine which was very dark and evil. I think I scared some people on set as I was “In character” for most of the time, and after we wrapped I had people come up to me and ask if I were ok because I wasn’t acting myself. I guess that means I did a good job right?!

6. What are your upcoming projects and what is your dream role?

I have some modeling jobs lined up and a music video that i’m shooting next week. My dream role is to play a strong, powerful lead in a feature film that inspires and moves people. I would love to do a period piece or action film- maybe both at the same time, who knows!

7. In this image-intensive industry and having previously won a Best Swimsuit Award previously, do you think having a healthy, sexy body adds extra appeal for an actress?

I think it opens a lot of doors, but then people will focus more on that then your actual skill if you don’t have the talent to match it. I’d like to be known for my acting ability more then my body, as anyone can look good but not everyone can act well.


8. As a model/actress in a well-known place of gorgeous women, what have been some of the challenges you’ve had to face?

Although modeling comes much easier to me, it is still tough to get jobs when you’re up against girls that have all the right stats to fit the clothes and are taller then me. As a model, i’m too short for a lot of agencies and jobs, which limits my opportunities a lot. And it’s hard to please everyone, i’ve heard so much mixed feedback it’s ridiculous- too skinny, too curvy, too old (I’m only 23!) too young, too “sexy”, not sexy enough… clients all want different things, and it’s hard to always fit the mold of what they’re looking for. The competition is tough, so there will always be a girl that is perfect if you are not.

9. Tell us more about your life away from the screen? What are some of your passions?

Because I grew up on a farm, I love the outdoors. I used to be a competitive horse rider, so I’m very happy when i’m riding. I also love writing, hiking, road trips, bike riding on the beach and going down to visit friends in San Diego. Music festivals are a fun past time of mine too, as I love dancing and listening to great artists. It’s very inspiring.

10. Lastly, what do you think best represents being an entertainer? Is it distinctive beauty, the talent to stir hearts or the ability to connect with audiences?

I believe that inspiring, educating and uplifting others are the most powerful things entertainers and artists can do. If I can make people feel better then how they did before watching a film I was in, help them relate to a situation and feel they are not alone, or inspire them to get more out of life, then I feel I have done my job.

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